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Gear Up is a merchandising business that provides quality and affordable motorcycle protective equipment intended for the local motorcycle market. It was founded in 2012 after a thorough study in the preceding years that concluded the need for affordable safety gears for the local riding community.Gear Up is run by a team of dedicated Filipino riders/entrepreneurs with a common goal of promoting safe and responsible motorcycle riding. Gear Up strongly encourages law-abiding road use, courteous and disciplined behavior towards other road users, continuous improvement in riding skills and the use of motorcycle safety gears.


"Riding gears are often cheaper than hospital bills."


Boots and shoes
Protective and fashionable rider footwear

Jackets and body armors
Body armors and riding jackets with various features, all with impact-absorption components at critical impact areas

Knee and Elbow Protection
High-quality and proven protection for your knees, shins, and elbows

Bags (backpacks, leg bags, belt bags, etc.)
Packing gears for active motorcycle riders (backpacks, leg bags, belt bags, etc.)

Varying riding gloves with damage-reducing features and grip/lever friendly materials


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